About Us

Canfor Products is an authorized distributor by Canfor Utensili for Canada and USA territory.

Canfor Utensili born in Milan, Italy on 1973 with an innovative idea “ the nylon fish tape Ø 4 “ as an alternative to the steel fish tapes that were generally used. To continue the evolution of the nylon fish tapes, the terminals became interchangeable, and it has been added a Kit to give a bigger versatility to the “Boomerang” fish tape. On 1975, it invented and created the nylon-steel fish tape in the vanguard of the industrial installation. 

On 1980, it enlarged the range of the fish tapes realizing a new typology and different types of fiberglass fish tape for the industrial sector.

On 1985, it realized the case for the nylon fish tapes and a series of reels with the continuous modernizations of accessories for the fiberglass and the nylon-steel fish tapes. The last novelty, concerning the cases, has been the vertical anti-crash plastic reel, which can contain 2 fish tapes that can turn independently. This great experience brought Canfor to create practical products that are very useful to the installer, like the range of decoilers, of cable grips and of the antifriction liquid (Fluid) besides other specific tools. 

In 2006 Canfor realized the dynamic polyester fish tape Ø 4 with innovative technical characteristics and in 2007 the Perlon Ideal fish tape Ø 4, patent pending.  Thanks to this fish tape time of threading and consumption of material are shortened. 

In 2008 realized the motorized reels IN.TI. 1000 e IN.TI. 600 and a new range of unwinders with independent coil holders. At the moment, we are going to introduce new innovative patented products in Canfor’s range. 

Canfor Utensili is ISO 9001 Certified. The ISO certification from ICIM for the engineering’s design and production of fish tapes in the industrial and commercial application, and commercialization of tools utilized by professional electricians.

Our product line is capable to satisfy any requirements within the industrial, commercial and residential application.

All our products and components are manufactured in Italy.